ESN Olten goes to the Basel Carnival.

Carnival time is here in Switzerland. The festive atmosphere is already spreading around the country, and Basel is among the top locations for adventurous people. Basel Carnival is part of the city’s identity, and it will take place represents three days, start on Monday. We invite you to experience with us the Tuesday afternoon, to enjoy the Basel “goes wild” during the carnival. It is also a chance to encounter the political topics that move Basel at the moment, to enjoy the sight of old Basel crafts and to see how crazy this town really is.

We will be listening to the classical drums event and then enjoy the night walking through the old town, together with all of the musicians playing in small groups.
Believe me, I am trying to write this on paper, but if not experienced oneself you will not understand the magic of this night.

Meeting point:

12.03.2019, 12:15, in front of Migrolino shop at Olten train station or 12:55, train station Basel (for Basel students)

And if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to drop me a text to:

We are excited to see you!
ESN Olten

12/03/2019 - 12:15