Backyard - International Dinner / Dinner at Jelis Backyard in Basel. This event is for students and exchangies to get to know and sped time with eachother. It's international in the sense that people from all over the world get to spend time together. More info in the comment section.

Meeting time: 17:00 - 23.00h

Meeting Point: Kleinhüningerstrasse 146 (Backyard), Basel


The Event will take place in my backyard. Adress: Kleinhüningerstrasse 146. There's a tent and a stony grill. Participants should bring their own food, which they want to put on the grill. If they want to drink some alcoholic drinks, they should bring them as well on their own. I will prepare some salads, I'll bring some veggies for the grill (eggplant, zucchini, paprika), and there will be water, coke and ice tea. They do not have to bring glases, plates or cuttlery, There is enough in the tent :)The BBQ ends around 11pm, after that we can go to a club, and I can show you around Basel.

28/11/2020 - 17:00